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CLT can be engineered to withstand significant fire resistance, and unlike steel, it remains structurally stable at high temperatures and does not develop large sags that lead to collapses. CLT panels can be produced with fire resistances of 30, 60 and 90 minutes. The main advantage is the low self-weight of the structure compared to concrete and steel.

CLT’s layered construction allows loads to be distributed more efficiently, making it capable of carrying higher loads over longer periods of time while using less material.

Places of use

– Private dwellings and apartment buildings
– Public buildings
– Renovated buildings
– Schools and kindergartens
– Offices and administrative buildings
– Industrial and commercial buildings


– Suitable for wall, intermediate ceiling, and roof ceiling element
– Large-size tiles available
– Very good fire resistance properties
– Building material with a positive CO2 balance

Product advantages

– Great architectural design options
– Environmentally friendly building material
– Short construction period
– 16 times lighter than steel and five times lighter than concrete
– High fire resistance
– Up to 10% more living space when using CLT

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