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We produce glulam beams with strength class GL24, GL28, GL30 and GL32 (h-homogeneous as well as c-combined) planed with width up to 240mm, height up to 2500mm and length up to 25m.

Glued Laminated Timber is obtained by gluing together several wooden lamellas and has been developed for use in various load-bearing structures (beams, posts, trusses, rafters, bridges, etc.). We produce glulam products from high-quality strength-graded raw material, mainly Spruce and Pine.

In the case of homogeneous glulam, for example GL 30h, all lamellas used are of the same strength class (C30). In the case of GL30c combined glulam, the middle 2/3 of the cross section of the beam can be made of strength C24 lamellas, while the upper and bottom lammellas are with strength class of C30.

When connecting the lamellas, we use one-component polyurethane glue Jowapur 686.30. This glue is very suitable for the production of load-bearing glulam products for both indoor and outdoor use.

Strength classes

– GL 24c
– GL 28c
– GL 30c
– GL 32c

– GL 24h
– GL 28h
– GL 30h
– GL 32h

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