About the company

Pinska Liimpuit OÜ

The glulam company, founded in 2011, has experience over a decade, defining our existence through a goal of enhancement of wood. OÜ Pinska Liimpuit is a company based on Estonian capital.

With today’s possibilities, the important role of natural materials must also be appreciated, because there is no material with more diverse possibilities than wood.

We are focused on the production of glulam from Spruce and Pine. In the production we use dried, planed and strength graded wood with class of C24 / C30 / C40. Our current facility allows as to produce glulam beams with dimensions up to 240 x 2300 x 24000mm, block glulam 680 x 680 x 12000mm.

We have the following certificates:
– CE certificate for glulam
– CE certificate for strength graded wood
– CE certificate for roof trusses
– FSC certificate
– RTS EPD certificate
– Estonian Creditors Association certificate
– Registration of economic activity

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Our contribution to a greener future

Tree planting events organized every spring
– Monitoring the delivery route of forest material in accordance with the requirements of the FSC certificate
– Sale of sawdust and chips generated in production to a further processor complying with the requirements of the FSC certificate, who produces pellets from it
– Re-finishing of the residues resulting from fermi production of trusses and/or use in production of veneer

Near future:
– Saving the forest by establishing a strength sorting laboratory, thanks to which we can even better monitor the strength classes of the material and which allows us to produce a stronger but smaller cross-section glulam beams.